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8th and 9th May


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Important update about the Inner Peace Conference 2020

The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has forced us to reschedule the live version of the Inner Peace Conference of May 9th in New York to November 20th / 21st pending on the global situation and climate. Our prayers go out to the sick and those who have lost loved ones in this terrible pandemic.

Inner peace is as important to us now as it ever has been. Challenging times such as these, invite us to stay close to ourselves and to keep a calm and clear mind and an open warm heart.

With that as our intention, The Inner Peace Conference ONLINE will now be held on May 8th and 9th 2020, from 10 am to 12 noon EST and from 4 to 6 pm CEST, as a live-stream conference.

Scheduled with live streamed contributions from Rick Hanson, Radhanath Swami, AnnaLynne McCord, Bob Roth and many others. They will lead meditations, give talks and will be answering online questions.

In the run up to the conference we will provide you with online content from our speakers, including live interviews where we speak about how we can maintain inner peace during these times.

Click here to register for the conference, interviews and for more information about The Inner Peace Conference ONLINE.

New York City


The Inner Peace Conference is an international conference and gathering of teachers, artists, musicians, thought leaders and peacekeepers in order to create a unique space and movement for discovering peace within. Participants can expect to be inspired by wisdom practices, conscious insights, and cutting-edge science.

The annual conference covers three themes: Discovering Peace Within, Loving Relationships and Conscious Living. The day-long program includes international keynote speakers, engaging workshops, inspiring musicians, and meaningful encounters. A chance to become part of a new movement which connects people who hold peace as one of their core values.


The annual conference covers 3 themes:

Peace Within

Experience and experiment with diverse meditative and contemplative practices

Learn the skill of deep listening and uncover what brings you true joy

Discover what your deepest values are and learn how to anchor yourself

Learn how to create daily rituals and practices to be in the moment


Become inspired to deepen your relationships with self and other

Establish bonds of understanding and connection through dialogue

Share in a diversity of viewpoints, values, ideas, traditions and religions

Expand your circle through story-telling, sharing and listening

Connect with like-minded people


Explore ways of engaging in conscious lifestyle

Use ancient wisdom and modern technologies to increase your daily focus, attention and impact

Understand the scientific benefits of meditation and breathwork practices in your professional life

Learn how to apply and use meditation, breathing exercises, patience, forgiveness, and conscious awareness in daily life

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Wisdom in Business 2019

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