Inner Peace Conference Online 8th and 9th of May 2020

About the Online Inner Peace Conference

Please note the change of the timetable

Friday May 8th 2020
Eastern Time (NYC)

We will dive into the important and pressing issues of the day and approach them from the vantage point of the world’s contemplative traditions, by seasoned practitioners and activists.

Positive social action must be grounded in deep self-awareness in order for there to be true change. The speakers this Friday are all at the forefront of this movement.

11:00am ET Opening Welcome
(Eddie, Mother Suzanne Culhane, Wessel Paternotte)
11:05am ET Radhanath Swami 11:35am ET Pastor Tillman 12:05pm ET Judy Lief 12:35pm ET Rick Hanson 13:05pm ET Jana Long 13:35pm ET Tiokasin Ghosthorse 14:05pm ET Closing remarks Maarten van Huijstee

We are very grateful for your donation.
By donating you are supporting the teachers and organization and you are making Inner Peace ONLINE possible.

Please note the change of the timetable

Saturday May 9th 2020
Eastern Time (NYC)

On Saturday, the focus of the discussions will be on social activism and the need for anchoring oneself into inner peace practices in order to be credible and effective messengers in the face of the issues these speakers work with: homelessness, gun-violence, domestic and racial abuse, and rehabilitating veterans.

10:30am ET Opening Remarks Dena Merriam 10:45am ET Bob Roth 11:15am ET Agapi Stassinopolous 11:45am ET Sharon Salzberg 12:15pm ET AnnaLynne McCord 12:45pm ET Adam Bucko 13:15pm ET Laurie Anderson 13:45pm ET Closing remarks Wiet de Bruijn

We are very grateful for your donation.
By donating you are supporting the teachers and organization and you are making Inner Peace ONLINE possible.

On both days Eddie Stern will moderate.
The teachers themselves will give talks, lead meditations and answer questions.

Online classes

As the Inner Peace Conference draws closer, we will be creating a variety of offerings to keep us all engaged in inner peace practices, including a series of live talks with some of our speakers (co-hosted by The Well), special classes, talks, and meditations. Please find links to these offerings below. More links and classes will be added in the days to come.

All of the events are free or by donation, which we are graciously accepting for our teachers and staff.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


The Inner Peace Conference is an international conference and gathering of teachers, artists, musicians, thought leaders and peacekeepers in order to create a unique space and movement for discovering peace within. Participants can expect to be inspired by wisdom practices, conscious insights, and cutting-edge science.

Discovering Peace Within

Experience and experiment with diverse meditative and contemplative practices

Learn the skill of deep listening and uncover what brings you true joy

Discover what your deepest values are and learn how to anchor yourself

Learn how to create daily rituals and practices to be in the moment

The world is an increasingly challenging place to live. The pace of life has become so fast that many feel unmoored to meaning or purpose. To not let the speed of life overtake us, to anchor within and to slow down is to live a conscious life. A conscious life does not have to mean over-the-top spirituality; it doesn’t mean endlessly chanting mantras, burning incense or disengaging from the world or the things that bring us joy. A conscious life is a deliberate life. It’s listening to yourself and the world around you. It’s about taking purposeful and intentional action. A conscious life is a life fully engaged.

Loving Relationships

Become inspired to deepen your relationships with self and other

Establish bonds of understanding and connection through dialogue

Share in a diversity of viewpoints, values, ideas, traditions and religions

Expand your circle through story-telling, sharing and listening

Connect with like-minded people

Developing meaningful relationships is a vitally important aspect of your life. Relationships support us, inspire us, and are refuges of safety and care. An inspiring and healthy relationship can change the direction of our lives forever. In a time where the internet and social media play an important role in connecting people, meaningful relationships are even more crucial to our health and well-being. The Inner Peace Conference is founded on creating an environment where authentic and meaningful relationships can flourish.

Conscious Living

Explore ways of engaging in conscious lifestyle

Use ancient wisdom and modern technologies to increase your daily focus, attention and impact

Understand the scientific benefits of meditation and breathwork practices in your professional life

Learn how to apply and use meditation, breathing exercises, patience, forgiveness, and conscious awareness in daily life

The real practice is in our daily life. It’s not as difficult to maintain peace in a retreat, monastery, or in nature, as it is during our day to day interactions. The practices of mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, music and chanting are there to help us be present when we need it most: in our daily life. Successful people are able to keep their heart open even in stressful situations. Our everyday lives are made up of countless interactions, and each interaction is another chance for us to be present, loving, compassionate, and forgiving. Life, in fact, is the practice. The Inner Peace Conference will give you tools to help you to be present for your family, friends, and colleagues.

Experiencing the selflessness, timelessness,
effortlessness, and richness of a
state of flow can accelerate
learning, facilitate healing,
and provide measurable
impact in our
lives and

Steve Kotler,
Stealing Fire

Wisdom in Business 2019
Wisdom in Business 2019
Wisdom in Business 2019

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